Sardegna, safe Island!

  • 15 Apr 2020

Who can give up our unique air, rich in natural and cultural heritage? Each individual who leaves Sardinia for work or holiday leaves it with sadness and the desire to return. We all know… There are so many places in the world with crystal clear water and white sand but behind Our island there is more. A mysterious land that can give you so much despite some critical issues. Just close your eyes, breathe our good air to regenerate you with little that basically is our everything.

Let’s think about what Sardinia represents and why even today, after a health emergency, most tourists indicate it as a preferred destination.

Sardinia is hospitality, explosion of perfumes and tastes, breaths, different lights, value of time, belonging to the earth, happy life and human warmth.

Unfortunately, this year the good emotions will be accompanied by the obligatory distance, use of personal protection devices, constant sanitization of all environments, reorganization of the services offered from the public and private to catering.

We are working for you to make your island experience even more exceptional. But then again, Sardinia remains in the heart and it is right that all operators will be ready to overcome this obstacle.

See you soon!